Welcome to Dress My Pooples! (Testing Phase... Harnold Rainbow Sh!t Ticket holders only)
Here you will be able to select from an assortment of "naked" base characters (and/or assets) to wear for a limited time! Send the exact amount of ada shown to the address associated with each asset you would like to purchase. When you have received your NFTs feel free to send a naked base character, the assets associated with them along with 3 ada to the "fitting room" address.
If you do not use a wallet containing a Rainbow Sh!t ticket, you will be refunded minus a portion for tx fees.
Please use at your discretion. Any feedback is appreciated.
Post Testing Phase:
1) There are several other characters prepped to be dressed for public phase, Harnold excluded.
2) We will be looking into wallet integration and bundling purchases, may be after or during the first switch of assets, will be apparent.
3) Simple countdown display for rotation of assets post purchasing update.

Thank you for participating during the testing phase!
Select Base
OR pick up an accessory
Body Face Eyes Hats
OR Combine accessories
Send the items to combine + 3 ADA